Semper Invictus Academy

Access to high quality training is one of the biggest challenges music industry faces today: talent knows no boundaries, but access to high quality training is often limited by geography and socio-economic conditions.  In turn, this lack of access to the best kind of training as well as lack of exposure to classical music stages, often prevent students in underrepresented communities from being inspired by classical music, and subsequently from pursuing music in college.

Last two years have been very trying for all us, especially so for musicians and for music educators.  However, despite all of the challenges, I made an important discovery – when faced with limited means of access to in-person high-quality training, technology can be used indeed, to bring the best teachers to the students through electronic means.  Even more importantly, experience has shown – learning does happen even through the screen; combined with the student’s diligent work, and regular in-person reinforcement, progress can be made, and growth can take place.  ,

This is how I believe I can make a difference in your life and help you reach the next level in your playing, regardless of what your goals are – whether it is to enter college as an undergraduate piano major, or to audition successfully for a graduate piano program. I will assess your current level and learning needs and will create individualized instruction program to ensure that you meet all the requirements of US schools.  

I have colleagues in various colleges and universities in the US, that are looking for talented students and who would love to give a chance to deserving well-prepared talented students willing to work hard and who have the skills to back it up.  If you work with diligence and determination, I will do my best to help you reach your next level of playing and help you gain access to music programs that will be the best fit for you.